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Hands Up For Christ
Here at the Redneck Show we have been known to get your hands out of your pockets and UP in the air for Christ. With all the rock you can handle and some Hip-Hop thrown up your will be sure to be blessed and have fun.


The Redneck Show is 100%....Listner supported.

We are heard Weekly on different stations across the NET so be sure to check out the Stations Page to find out where and what time to join The Redneck. Always Live on Friday Nights 9pm to 12 Mid ... add me to your yahoo Messenger (redneck_disciple) to get your invite to the live show.

With the force of a sledgehammer hitting a brick wall at 75mph while a rockin soundtrack based on Scripture and personal testimonies causing you to rock til you drop, and worship in ways you can only imagine
Rock-N-Roll Jesus Style


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The Bible tells us Jesus is the ROCK,so lets Worship Him with some Good Ole

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